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2:29am 01-03-2018
Royce Eckley
Thank u Maria for including Marc. I love u
2:57am 06-17-2017
♯♰ Thank you so much!
6:25am 02-02-2017
Hello I came across this link thtough an Angel Moms group I am in and I just wanted to say this is beautiful. I Lost my son Shawn Nicolas Hacker 12/20/86-09/24/13 forever 26 and it is so very hard this is just a wonderful page. I am honored to have read through it and see all the besutiful.Angels. Thank You very much Rhonda Moordhous.
11:57pm 01-08-2017
Fran Distabile
Maria, what a beautiful tribute to your precious Christopher and his Angel friends..You are an amazing woman..You comfort so many people, and alot of love goes into every page..Hugs <3
11:15am 01-07-2017
Patsy-vernon' mom
Maria, this is so beautiful, all pages are amazing
2:52pm 01-06-2017
debbie shedd
Beautiful tribute for your precious Christopher. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for adding my son Jeremy to Christopher's Angel friends. Love and hugs
11:00pm 10-17-2016
Maria,it was such a honor to come back after all these years. Your page made me smile through my tears. You did such a wonderful job on this page. Of couse you had the angels to help!I loved seeing Marcus picture again. It is a little different than the one I have hanging in my foyer. Bless you dear friend..keep close. Don't want to lose you again..(smile)
4:53pm 08-02-2016
Susan Milam
Such a beautiful memorial for your precious Christopher. Thank you and God bless you for adding my sweet son to Christopher's list of friends.
7:59am 07-28-2016
Maribel Guerrero
Wow this is amazing... Brought tears to my eyes
12:41pm 07-23-2016
A beautiful tribute to your precious son
2:53pm 07-17-2016
Val Haag
Beautiful tribute of memories, <3
5:44pm 07-15-2016
Patricia Armor
Christopher is such a beautiful gift from God and always will be. Heaven is such a wonderful place with your sweet Christoper there. Thank you for starting this page in his honor. I can see the love in his kind beautiful face, Love that his mamma gave to him and will be with you always.
1:03am 07-13-2016
Ramona McCawley
Maria, your Christopher is so adorable and sweet. What a lovely tribute, Christopher is always smiling down on you. Many hugs and much love to you and Christopher always. Mona, Precious Jessica Noel's mama
11:46am 06-14-2016
Cindy Ratcliffe
Thank you for helping keep our children's memories alive❤️. Big hugs to you and the other Angel Moms & Dads.
1:45pm 06-09-2016
linda lord
Just Beautiful of the Angels......
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