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11:02am 04-04-2016
Lonnie Kunert
Beautiful way to remember our children and loved ones gone too soon.
10:26am 04-04-2016
Janice McCurdy
Beautiful page to honor our angels in heaven
10:25am 04-04-2016
Janice Peterson McCu
Beautiful page to honor our angels in heaven
8:38am 03-12-2016
Phyllis Scott
What a beutiful tribute for your Angel William.Love You
5:34pm 02-25-2016
Debbie shedd
Such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful son.
7:13pm 01-27-2016
Diane Craddock
Great to hear from you dear friend! Too many years have passed since the last time. Yesterday was the 12 year mark of JJ's heaven day.
5:33am 01-15-2016
What a beautiful tribute to your son! Eric was 23 when he died...still have his legos!
We have a web site....still working on it..forever....
4:19pm 12-30-2015
Thanks for adding Patrick to your page x
7:26am 12-24-2015
Maria Holmes
I would like to thank you so much for adding my only son.
Merry Christmas. Love you always .
12:39pm 12-21-2015
I want to thank u fr adding my beautiful son kirk paul pfisteer jr.many hugs to u honey. Merry Christmas
12:41pm 12-20-2015
Carissa Fowler
What a beautiful honor and tribute to your precious son. I'm terribly sorry fir your loss. We are all united as one ✴
All my love, peace, light and healing prayers
Carissa Fowler/A Place To Heal, Parents Recovering From Grief
1:29am 09-08-2015
What a beautiful page love and hugs to all the Angel's Families..Thank You for adding me sweet Jesse James, Wishing you all a gentle day filled with many beautiful memories. LOve Jesse's Mama.
8:29pm 06-20-2015
Thank you Maria for adding my angel's Ryan and Roger to Christopher's Angel Friend's page, I now our angel's are flying high. You are such an awesome angel mom, always thinking of you and Christopher and all our angels and angel mom's. Sending you lots of love and many hugs your way.
2:31am 05-31-2015
Nora Acosta
Thank you Maria for always caring about all our loved ones that have left before us.. You are so awesome to be so thoughtful about all the parents for lost children. God Bless you for always making everyone's child so special It means so much to us all.. Love you had may God guide you with your work of perfection and understanding..
12:27pm 05-28-2015

What a beautiful page, Christopher a beautiful boy, hugs and love.
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